LabelRunner - Air Cargo Label Generator
Air Freight Logistics Software - Print Text, Warehouse and AWB label.

Press the LabelRunner-DEMO button to generate and print your AWB, Warehouse and Text Label for free.
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Besides printing "Simple" and "Combined" AWB labels, you can now also, with one click,
print both the "Master and House labels" as required for consolidation shipments!


  • Labelrunner the Online Air Cargo Logistics Software that you can access from anywhere
  • Database application
  • Master data (Countries, Airports, Carrier, Text templates, Products etc.)
  • Air waybill, warehouse and text label printing
  • Activities Entry
  • Reporting
  • Logos in labels
  • Label formats 4x5in and 4x6in
  • Print labels for your customers and charge them for it
  • Allow your branch offices to enter and print labels
  • Reprints are not counted
  • DEMO version for testing

Air Cargo Label

LabelRunner is a Online Air Cargo Label Generator and Logistics Software that generates and prints AWB IATA label, House Waybill and combined Barcode Label based on IATA CSC Resolution 606, Warehouse & Text label. Printing AWB labels is a main service when handling cargo for freight forwarder companies. The possibility to include your clients logo when printing airfreight label can help you sell your service. For the purpose of billing your customers you can use the AWB report to sum up the number of printed AWB Label.

Warehouse Label

LabelRunner generates and prints warehouse label incl. barcode. Temporarily storing goods for freight forwarders companies is a service you can offer when handling Cargo. In your consignment you can enter additional information such as the: customer match code, shipment type, shipper, consignee, destination, DGR classes, shpt. condition, outgoing by, date and time in and out of storage. Sending a eMail notification will inform your customer about incoming and outgoing consignments. You can use the Warehouse report to sum up the time the goods were in storage.

Text Label

LabelRunner generates and prints text labels, use them for product information and safety notices. After choosing your textlabel template you can enter all the information needed on the text label. Then print your labels.

Activities entry

Sample activities that can be entered:
1) Building palettes and ULDs
2) Labeling a shipment
3) Transparent foil used
4) Cargo storage
and much more!.

Sample Screenshots and Output